Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Hey Guys. I was online today and I found this awesome site that I just know you guys will love (especially all of you Police fans out there) therefore, I just KNEW it would be a great idea to let you all know about this site! There is a site completely dedicated to the band Police and it is awesome. This is a website that discusses none other than this amazing band that has been around for years. In case you guys didn’t know, this band (Police, duh) put out a DOUBLE DISC COMPILIATION CD on June 5th. My mom LOVES this band and just recently purchased the CD. She always raves about the CD and tells me that I should definitely get one of my own! Her favorite part about this awesome Police CD is that it comes with an awesome, spectacular, STUPENDOUS (ha ha) Vintage The Police Poster! She I’m sure, has it hanging right over her bed. She’s nuts like that. I realize that some of you out there might be like “hey, who are The Police anyway” or “I HATE THE POLICE” well, to you, I guess all I can say is that you have your own opinion. But whether you like this band, have never heard of them, or anything, I highly suggest that you purchase this amazing two disc compilation. It really is fantastic and I assure you guys that you will not be disappointed. Check it out guys! You will love it!

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License to Wed.

Hey guys, Today I went to see License to Wed with my younger brother. It was really funny and I just loved how each of "The Office" characters brought out a bit of Jim, Kevin and Kelly in their acting. It was really funny and I am going to the fireworks now.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ultimate Online Weight Loss Calculato

Hey Guys, So my Dad is on a diet, and I was online and found this Ultimate Online Weight Loss Calculator to help him along. It is so cool, because it uses Java and on that it allows you to check how changing simple things in your daily life could change your weight and outlook and help you lose weight. It really is awesome. It is really helpful when my Dad can type in his calorie intake and find out what amount of weight loss/gain he will have. You guys should really check this out, it's great!

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So I got back on Saturday afternoon. It was a good experience, but it was a lot of grueling work.
I'm so glad it's over. Ha ha. I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get my boyfriend of a year a car, so that we can actually see each other while in college. I'm hoping that maybe there's a way I can talk my Dad's friend down in price and maybe get it for him as a birthday/anniversary present... we'll see I guess.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hey guys. So we are heading out any minute. I am waiting for my ride. I am packed and ready to go as the song goes. I should be back by Saturday, but I am told there is internet access there, I just do not know if we will have access to it. I will just have to see. Oh, my ride just beeped. Later all, wish me luck.


Hey guys. I was checking out the internet before I go away on my trip and I came across a useful site for my Dad, so I wanted to pass it on to you as well because I am sure many of you will find it useful as well.
rolling ladder is a site that sells material handling products, both new and used. My family has a small business and many times my Dad is searching for used as opposed to new products. Well I feel that this site will be very useful to him from now on. Some of the products they sell include, but are not limited to, pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, hand trucks, and lockers. If you are new to a business or are looking for good pricing on material handling products, then I urge you to check out this site. I am confident that they will be able to assist you with your needs.
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Mission Trip

Hey guys. I am leaving today on a mission trip with my church. We are helping out and working to fix up a poor church. A lot of work but a rewarding adventure. I should be back in about five days. Hope to get on a computer while I am away. I hope that it is not too hot. The forecast is pointing towards hot though.

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